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Why is thrifting good for you and the planet?

Thrifting good

Fast fashion has come under enormous scrutiny because of how harmful it is to the environment. The pieces are not durable and are quickly discarded because of damages. Still, fast fashion stores are massively popular because of how inexpensive the clothes they sell are. They also promptly move with the trends and rapidly bring in runway fashion to your local stores. The clothes are manufactured quickly and often turn up with defects which send them straight to the dump.

Workers who create these fast fashion clothes also work in extremely hazardous conditions with minimum wages or support. Thrifting has been an option for decades, but lots of people do not consider it a suitable method of purchasing clothes. They are often put off by the idea that these clothes were previously worn, and most of the pieces might not be trendy enough. Let us see why you should be thrifting instead of purchasing your clothes at a local fast-fashion chain.

thrifting Clothes

Experiment without the guilt

Thrift stores will have numerous pieces that you never dared to try on before. These clothes would be high-quality, eccentric pieces that you wish to try. Since the prices of clothes at thrifting stores are pretty low, you can play around with your style without digging deep into your pockets. There will also be lots of timeless pieces of clothing that would be an essential item no matter the year or the decade. While you spend hundreds of dollars for these beautiful items in other stores, you can purchase them for a low price from a thrift store. The clothes in thrift stores are mostly high-quality items that can last you a long time without you having to worry about them getting damaged quickly.

If you are a parent of young kids, you know the trouble of finding clothes that fit your children who seem to be growing every single day. Children’s clothes don’t come cheap in regular stores. If you thrift these clothes, you wouldn’t be spending too much money continually trying to replace the clothes your children outgrew.

Saving the environment

Fast fashion clothes contain numerous harmful chemicals. These clothes are thrown into dumping grounds where they stay and release these toxins. When you buy thrift shop garments that will last you a long time, you will not be contributing to the clothes dumping in these enormous landfills. The resources necessary to make a piece of clothing are massive. So, by reducing the need for newer clothes in the market, you help reduce the usage of these essential resources. The clothes manufacturing industry also contributes to various forms of pollution that can be reduced by switching to clothes from thrift stores.

Summing up

Summing up

Buying your clothes from a thrift store might not seem like an attractive proposition at first glance. But the positive impacts it will have on your wallet, style and the environment are incomparable to the trendiness that comes with fast fashion clothes.

The Story of Merchant Archive

Since 2007 Merchant Archive has delighted fashion editors, stylists and an ever growing client base of enthusiastic and loyal customers. In the beginning Merchant Archive sold solely to fashion designers for inspiration from a small personal vintage clothing collection by private appointment.  

Fast forward six years and with a newly launched website and flagship boutique in Notting Hill to its name, Merchant Archive has become the go-to destination for expertly selected and edited ranges of vintage, designer and contemporary clothing, homeware and accessories. The ever evolving display of art, furniture and objet provide a perfect back drop for the collections. New designers are discovered and nurtured whilst unique vintage pieces are sourced globally utilising an ever growing network of specialist dealers.

Autumn 2014 will see the two-storey Notting Hill store become exclusively Merchant Archive own collection. Following the success of our own line, we are making the leap to become our very own flagship store. This is the latest step in a series for Merchant Archive, which also sees the brand opening up to select retail partners. Throughout the season new lines will arrive including home-ware and accessories. We will continue to sell luxury and hand-selected vintage with new stock arriving weekly; Kensington Park road will never be the same again!

Let Branded Corporate Gifts Speak About Quality Of Your Business!

Let Branded Corporate Gifts Speak About Quality Of Your Business!

Corporate gifts are emerging as a prime way to express your appreciation towards the clients, to offer incentives for your employees. Many factors have to be considered before deciding on the gift. A few of them might be

  • Target – whether it is your clientele to whom you want to show your appreciation of their loyalty and promising future or to encourage your own employees. What they would like?
  • Corporate policies – Your client organizations might have a policy that prohibits receiving gifts or limit the dollar value
  • Cultural diversity – When the recipient is in a different culture, the gift should be carefully chosen so as not to offend.
  • Quality – The gift would reflect on the quality of your company and hence a low-quality gift is simply out of question.

Quality is the foremost aspect to look for in whatever gift you select. If the quality is bad, then it would be disastrous, actually worse than not giving a gift at all. Quality can be assured by going for known and trusted brands that are reputed to be able to provide good products as gifts.

There are many agencies in Silicon Valley who help in managing the corporate gifting needs. The most basic of such agencies offer customized promotional products, apparel for your team or employees, awards to express your appreciation.  Agencies such as Trims Unlimited have tie-ups with established retail brands like Adidas, Rolex etc and would be able to customize the quality merchandise like adding your company logo.

Gift cards are among the most preferred gifts both by the giver and the recipient. It absolves the giver the responsibility of finding an appropriate gift and gives the recipient the power to choose. You would never go wrong with cards from establishments such as Amazon and Walmart. Amazon offers gift cards under various denomination and various occasions too. This would be a god sent option if you are pressed for time. And it is certainly one that everyone would like. Walmart cards too work well with almost everyone. Walmart has a reloadable gift card too.

Subscription gifting services are catching on and agencies such as Ordergroove specialize in this. Subscription gifts are a unique and innovative way to remain in the top of the minds of your clients while not being pushy or vulgar. It could even be a simple token of appreciation like a monthly subscription of healthy snacks. While the cost of the gift itself is not much, it would be much appreciated for the thoughtfulness. However, one needs to tread carefully in selecting the subscription gift. Unless you know the recipient well enough to select something which would really be liked and used, the subscription gift would be a total waste. It would reduce to an unwanted expense for you and a monthly chore for the recipient to dispose of it.

According to marketing-interactive.com, the Art of Corporate giving is moving towards small batches of customised gifts which are perceived to be of higher value. Corporate gifts used to just pens, notebook which was made in massive with the company logo. Today, companies tend to hire Corporate gifts consultant that will create a year-long corporate gifts solutions that will match including packaging, design and branded custom made products. Ministry of Print is one of the companies that leverage on a new business model that focuses to align the customer corporate image to the corporate gifts ideas propose. This includes gift design, branding and planning. One of the important aspects of the gift in today’s business market is to create value in corporate giving than printing in massive to reduce the cost of production.

Instead of pre-printing corporate gifts to give it to your customers, why not invite them to an exclusive high-end corporate event and print their corporate gifts instantly with their customised design. Partyinkers is one of the few technology printing companies in Asia that does live event printing as fringe activities for corporate events and this changes how corporate giving works. We were surprised at how well this concept has taken up in the corporate business industry. This used to be available to Fashion brand launches, Parties, Music festivals, etc. With the use of tablets, Partyinkers allow attendees to design their corporate gifts with clip art, text, drawings and photos. In 10 mins, each attendee gets their personalised gift!! How amazing is that? Check out their collaboration with Citigroup in the video below