Let Us Talk About Fashion The Millennial Way

Fashion The Millennial Way

Our generation is definitely one that will always aim to stand out from a crowd, especially when it comes to their choice of clothing. They care a lot about fashion. Nowadays, you are definitely more likely to find a millennial, browsing for clothes on the internet with the help of their smartphone or their tablets. That is because, this generation of digital natives, born after 1990, always prefer to almost everything on screen. They curate and handpicked their own wardrobes with the help of their devices.

Conforming to these particular styles and trends, completely composed by retailers, is not exactly the millennial way. According to a gigantic market research, Millennials are actually less attracted or attached to brands, and they are keen on just creating a style that is unique to their taste. A lot of them are very brand conscious, but a lot of them or not. The market is completely divided.


The taste of the youngsters is evolving day by day, and the experience of shopping has also started evolving because of the internet and smartphones. Down below, I will be giving my own opinions and experiences.

• My Friends and I always like to dress in a characteristic fashion and, we also end up finding places that offer clothes that make us look quite similar. People our age are very comfortable when it comes to choosing our own clothes. We prefer our clothes that complement our unique sense of fashion, with a hint of authenticity and also, a nod towards class. We tend to give a lot of priority towards our footwear as well.

• If we are talking about millennial women, they always give a lot of importance toward accessorising.

• A lot of Millennials are actually people who just started making money; they will obviously have to keep budget in mind. Not everyone can afford Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


• Millennials are always very conscious about the accessories they use. Since they are making use of accessories to complement their sense of taste, they tend to give a huge chunk of time when it comes to choosing what kind of props they make use of. For example, a fan of Game Of Thrones put obviously make use of a brooch that represents the franchise. ‘The hand of the king/queen’ brooch is definitely one that comes to mind. If they are a fan of Harry Potter, they make use of the lightning bolt on a lot of our clothes and accessories.

• Millennials are abandoning their gender norms, and these are the norms that are set by their predecessors. All of it is going out the window. Since gender stereotypes are being ditched, the world is that oyster, especially when it comes to fashion.

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